Nautical industry

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The nautical industry has made Atlantic Modelage Composite the company it is today.
AMC was founded in response to shipyards looking for modelling professionals.

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Building industry

Composite materials such as polyester are used increasingly in the building industry.
These easy-to-clean products that can be moulded into innovating shapes are suitable for bathrooms, washbasins, showers, baths, reception counters in large buildings (hotels, hospitals, student residences, etc.).

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Bodywork industry

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The numerous shapes that thermosetting materials can be moulded into has clearly led to the increasing demand from the bodywork industry, whether on industrial scale or for one-off parts.

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Specific activities

Due to their excellent resistance to weather conditions, composite materials are now used in all outdoor facilities, such as urban furniture, leisure and community amenities, event equipment, etc.

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