Our commitments

As a subcontractor, we make a commitment as your partner to produce your tooling.

Our commitment is the same, whether your final product is a luxury item or an industrial part, whether small, medium or large series. Our services can be customised to suit each individual request: design, machining, modelling, finishing, creation of tooling and mother moulds, 3D dimensional inspection, 3D retro-construction, prototyping. Our human and equipment resources allow us to offer an extensive range of services matching your project and your budget.

Activity and reactivity, guarantees of our experience.

By monitoring every item produced in our workshops, we have built up considerable know-how, learning from each new experience to improve the next, in order to optimise materials, energy and of course, costs.


Our experience frees you from the constraints of outsourcing.

Today, our customers want to subcontract the manufacture of their tooling for many reasons: timing, insufficient know-how, costs, etc. You can rely on our company to handle your projects fully, including all the organisational, follow-up aspects, etc., to guarantee your peace of mind.

Three key words at Atlantic Modelage Composite: Quality, Lead times and Discretion.

Respect of quality and lead times have been key values of our company since its creation, and we have no intention of changing! As modeller-mould maker, we need to work far in advance of the final output of a product, and for industries requiring professional secrecy, we treat all information concerning our customers and partners as confidential.

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