3D digitising

Virtually all projects are now developed using 3D software and product developers are faced with the problem of interfacing the various parts of an assembly.


Due to the need for optimisation, tolerances between these various parts have become increasingly tight. Components on some projects may have no 3D equivalent and measurement of dimensions on complex surfaces with conventional tools still remains highly complicated.

numérisation 3D- modelisation 3D - Atlantic Modelage Composite - AMC

To fully meet customer requirements and develop its digital department, AMC acquired 3D digitising equipment.

Based on dynamic optical triangulation and coupled with a laser scanner, this equipment can measure dimensions directly on a model (probing) or acquire a point cloud (scan) to recreate the mesh surface, with an accuracy of less than 90 microns.
This mesh is then used to perform three-dimensional inspection or reverse engineering.

numérisation 3D