G.R.P. (glassfibre Reinforced Plastics)

Composite materials consist of an assembly of at least two components:
- a reinforcement material (generally glass or carbon fibre),
- a matrix material (a polyester, vinylester or epoxy thermosetting resin) which, once polymerised, supports the reinforcement materials.

Due to their modular structure, these materials offer excellent resistance to forces, at optimised weight.
Composite materials, consisting of a superimposition of thin layers of fabric, can be used to drape the most complex shapes. They can be formed according to different processes :
contact moulding,
- vacuum,
- injection or RTM

composite - Atlantic Modelage Composite - AMC

Numerous processes perfectly adapted to your production equipment and/or your requirements.

Polyester, vinylester and epoxy composite materials are far more durable than traditional materials. They are insensitive to UV radiation and their mechanical properties remain highly stable despite weather conditions.