The 2D image to 3D space

Composed of a high-definition shooting system (camera) , a set of targets and an image calibration software, this technology gives us the ability to accurately identify the relative positions of all targets placed on a three-dimensional scene from a set of images.

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The measure of great elements

Photogrammetry allow statment of many three-dimensional point (target ) in a large volume. The presence of coded target on each images, allows the software to calibrate all images on each other and recreate virtually all of the point cloud. It is then possible to generate a control report stating the potential dimensional differences between all measured points and their projections on the digital file.


Increased accuracy

This photogrammetry technology is fully integrated with our scanning system . The statement points in a large volume becomes a huge three-dimensional framework, where our 3D scanner will move always know where it is in space, ensure measurement accuracy based on volumes to be scanned.

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All business areas

Photogrammetry finds its place in all areas of activity , whether the hull scanning for the shipbuilding industry, body in the automotive industry , as well as major elements of all the precision demand industries and / or inspection report.